Adhara Pérez Sánchez, a remarkable 11-year-old from Mexico City, is distinguished by her amazing ability. Sánchez has a 162 IQ, greater than eminent physicist Albert Einstein, and is on course to graduate with a master’s in engineering.

She already holds degrees in industrial engineering with a mathematics concentration from the Technological University of Mexico and systems engineering from CNCI University.

Sánchez, who experienced bullying because of her autism, finished elementary school at five and took just one year to finish middle and high school.

She is a skilled public speaker and academic prodigy who wants to be an astronaut.

Her ultimate dream is to work for NASA. She is actively working toward this goal by partnering with the Mexican Space Agency to inspire young students to pursue mathematics and space exploration careers.

At age three, Sanchez, raised in a low-income neighborhood, underwent a regression in her speech development and was subsequently diagnosed with autism.

In an interview, Sanchez’s mother told Marie Claire that her daughter began to withdraw after being teased by other classmates because of her disability and that her teachers didn’t care about her situation.

“The professors weren’t very understanding; they said I wished she’d finish a project. According to Sanchez’s mother, Nayeli Sánchez, “She started to isolate herself; she didn’t want to play with her classmates and felt strange, different.”

She could attend class for a time, but eventually, she couldn’t, fell asleep, and lost interest in activities. She was pretty melancholy, and because of this, others mocked her, according to her mother.

Due to the poor circumstances, Sanchez was forced to switch schools three times. Her intellectual curiosity, nonetheless, persisted.

Sanchez’s mother observed that her daughter had even taught herself algebra and could memorize the periodic table. She enrolled her daughter in therapy because she thought she was just bored.

The Center for Attention to Talent (CEDAT), a school for brilliant children, was then suggested to accept Sanchez when a therapist realized her extraordinary ability.

The school proved Sanchez’s IQ to be greater than that of Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

“I want to colonize Mars and travel to space. If you don’t like where you are, picture where you want to be. It’s worth a shot since I imagine myself working at NASA,” the 11-year-old told Goalcast.