Ah, the 1950s! A decade filled with simple yet beloved toys that brought us endless joy. We often wonder if the kids of today could appreciate these timeless treasures as much as we did. But luckily, some of these toys still hold their charm even after all these years. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit our top 10 favorite toys from the 1950s. We’d love to hear about your favorite toy too!

#1 Lock & Key Skates

Do you remember the lock & key skates? They were a bit trickier to handle compared to today’s skates, but once you got the hang of them, boy, could you move! These skates even had a catchy little song dedicated to them. It went like this:

“I got a brand new pair of roller skates,
You got a brand new key.
I think that we should get together and try them out, to see…”

#2 Original Yahtzee

While the original Yahtzee game was released in the late 40s, it truly gained popularity in the 1950s when it started captivating families across the United States. Do you remember playing Yahtzee as a kid? The adrenaline rush we felt when we yelled “YAHTZEE!” is hard to forget!

#3 Teenager Travel Purse

Girls today have a plethora of bags and purses at their disposal, but in the 50s, having a teenager travel purse made us feel like grown-ups. The Miner Company created this little gem just for us girls, and we made sure to fill it up with all our essentials, even if we didn’t actually need them all.

#4 Bag of Marbles

Do you remember collecting marbles? They were not only a source of endless admiration for their beauty but also a perfect companion wherever we went. We may have accidentally spilled them all over the kitchen floor once or twice, to our dear mothers’ chagrin. Oops!

#5 First Easy Bake Oven

We couldn’t resist including the First Easy Bake Oven on our list, even though it was introduced in 1963. This little wonder allowed us to feel like master chefs, creating edible treats that made us feel all grown up. No more pretend tea parties and dinners. We were the real deal!

#6 Antique Riding Horse

For those of us who weren’t heavy as children, riding an antique riding horse was like being in a exciting rodeo. Our brothers and sisters were our enthusiastic partners, urging us to make that horse go! Oh, the memories of those carefree days.

#7 Hula Hoops

Believe it or not, the Hula Hoop made its debut in 1958, and we instantly fell in love with it. We had our moments of adoration, frustration, rediscovery, and forgetfulness with this simple plastic ring. It was a toy that we could come back to time and time again, always finding joy.

#8 Pull-A-Tune

The genius who invented the Pull-A-Tune toy knew exactly how to captivate our attention. It could have been just another toy we picked up and carried around, but the fact that it rolled and had a rope made it irresistible. We may not have learned any songs on it, but we sure had a blast!

#9 ViewMaster

The original ViewMaster made its debut in 1939, but it truly blossomed in the 50s when it evolved into a toy that ignited our imagination. It allowed us to escape into different worlds, sparking our sense of wonder and exploration. It was a truly magical experience, much like the kaleidoscope.

#10 Slinky Dog

Ah, the Slinky Dog! Slinkys themselves were already cool, but when they transformed into a dog that could walk, it was pure genius. This toy never failed to bring a smile to our faces. And the best part? The younger generation got to experience the joy of Slinky Dogs through the beloved movie, Toy Story.

The 1950s gifted us with some incredible toys, but let’s not forget the wonderful toys that the 1960s brought us! To check out some of our favorites from the next decade, click the Next Page button below!